Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
How can I view all prayer times of today?

Tap on the top prayer time bar to view the prayer time screen.

How can I change adhan alarm / notification?

Tap on the top prayer time bar to view the prayer time screen. You can then tap on individual prayer time to change it’s notification / adhan.

How to pay using Easy Paisa?

How can I purchase Quran Majeed for Android with Easy Paisa?

It is very easy to pay using Easy Paisa in just two steps:

1. Purchase the app using purchase button in the app.
2. Visit the nearest Easy Paisa shop and pay against the CONSUMER NUMBER to complete your Easy Pay Payment.

NOTE: Sometime Easy Paisa representative does not know how to receive payment. Just tell him following instructions:Payment must be made under: Utility Bill Payments -> Other -> EasyPay

I don't have credit card or unable to own credit card, can I send payment to your bank account or any other means for purchasing the full version?

Apple does not allow any other payment method for collecting payments except the methods available on iTunes. If you do not have credit card then the best way for you is to contact a person with credit card who can perform the transaction on your behalf.

I purchased full version on my iPhone but now it is showing free version only, how to fix this?

You can purchase the full version again on any of your iOS devices using the same iTunes account and you will not be charged again.